What’s a journalist? And do they understand law?

…asks the home of Fleet Street nostalgia, Gentlemen Ranters. From its weekly email:

…Do you need training in order to be a journalist? And if so, training in what disciplines?

Nobody seems to do shorthand any more; nobody seems to understand newspaper law or how local and central government works; nobody appears particularly well-versed in “newspaper practice”.

So… what’s a journalist? Discuss.

The Gentleman exaggerates. I know at least two journalists with shorthand. But raising the issue of media law is pertinent. Do online news publishers have the legal support and knowledge they need? That’s the question my new survey for UK-based online publishers and bloggers asks (results will be used anonymously, unless additional permission given). It will take you five minutes and you can find it here: http://bit.ly/medialawsurvey. Please do have a look, and pass the link to your online colleagues and friends.


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