Calling all hacks and hackers – upcoming events

I’ve been working with the data mining site Scraperwiki to set up Hacks and Hacker Hack days around the UK. The idea is to get programmers, designers, journalists and bloggers into the same room for one day, to mine data for quick turnaround projects that could be polished into journalistic stories and features. Best of all, with the help of kindly sponsors, these events are *free*, with food, beer and prizes provided for the best teams of the day.

So far, we’ve announced:

We are also discussing and considering a number of other locations, including: Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh (or Glasgow), Leeds, Manchester, London, Belfast and Dublin. And if I have my way, one on the south coast somewhere….

If you are based in any of these places and have venue or sponsor suggestions, please get in touch: judith [at]

For more information on Scraperwiki and what you can do with it, please have a look at Paul Bradshaw’s blog: his Online Journalism MA students recently had a play…


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