#newsrw – news:rewired, 14 January 2010, City University London

If our marketing has been anywhere near successful, you should have heard about news:rewired by now – 14 January 2010. It’s Journalism.co.uk’s first big conference event, marking our 10th anniversary (my boss John Thompson set it up in 1999). It’s been fun getting it going and the delegate / speaker list looks pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. Follow @newsrewired on Twitter.

Buy your ticket before it’s too late. Here’s the blurb.

Who it’s for:

We want news:rewired to be an event for working journalists, trainees, journalism students and academics to learn new multimedia, social media and online skills from those with first-hand experience.

This event will be informal – with plenty of time for questions, networking and hopefully some new partnerships.

What we hope you’ll get:

First-hand advice on using new technologies, tools and skills for online journalism, whether that’s presentation or newsgathering;

Practical case studies from those who are pioneering new techniques in journalism;

Advice on what works and what doesn’t – from video and audio, to third-party websites and using data;

A chance to meet, network and share ideas with colleagues from across the industry.


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