Chris Atkins (allegedly) threatened with injunction

Update: When following this up for, I put the necessary calls into the law firm concerned. The individual himself rang me to deny he had requested an injunction against Starsuckers. He claimed he had never tried to injunct them: “I haven’t. Never tried to; it’s not my nature. I just wanted to make sure that I knew exactly what they were claiming, that’s all.” Once he had ‘clarified’, it was ‘end of story’, he said. Would he be going to see the film? I asked. “I won’t be seeing it. I don’t often go to the cinema anyway. I’ve probably been once this year.”

Covering my back with the (allegedly).

Anyway, Chris Atkins, director of tabloid expose film Starsuckers (I keep wanting to write Super… getting confused with Morgan Spurlock, but that would end up sounding like porn) says his film has been threatened with an injunction (according to a tweet).

I admit I was a little surprised when the Guardian went so big with the coverage for his film (tabloids don’t verify gossip stories!) but it’s an extremely interesting concept and I was looking forward to seeing the film.

You can read Chris Atkins’ account of the legal action to date at this link.

This is particularly apt timing, given next week’s theme for the Institute of Communication and Ethics Annual Conference:  ‘I’m an ethicist…get me into there’: Communication, celebrity and conscience in a global media age. Featuring Bex Shiner from Big Brother, Nicholas Jones, Spencer Murphy and others.’

One of the others is me; I’m presenting a case-study on PopBitch and the ethics of ‘fair game’ targets and the ‘blind story’.


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