‘G20 leaders’ wives’: Yes, this is 2009, and the Guardian is asking what are they wearing

Nope, we haven’t moved on from Mad Men-esque gender roles. Pretty women on successful hubbies’ arms.

Yesterday OK magazine the Guardian ran a ‘Leaders’ wives’ photograph, and online you can find this G20 Leaders’ Wives gallery.

“What is everyone wearing? Who gets to go to the Ladies with Michelle Obama? What are the G20 spouses doing while the leaders are tied up in meetings about the economy?”

My emphasis. Somehow I don’t think the suits were what interested them.

“Some of the G20 leaders’ wives also attended a women’s dinner in New York. Wendy Murdoch, Sarah Brown, Queen Rania of Jordan, Nicole Kidman, Liya Kebede and Indra Nooyi went to the Important Dinner for Women 4”.

Enjoy folks! I’m going out with my camera into Brighton to see if I can spot Sarah Brown’s new shoes!!



  1. SteveJackson

    The Guardian does this every time. It seems just so obviously stupid that I think they are trying to be ironic.I think it's part of a wider social change that follows the USA. “Liberal” is not cool so we have to be ironically sexist and patronising.”Let's write about the wives dresses and when the old style socialists types criticise us we'll scoff at their eighties sensibilities.”It's the same way of thinking that makes it acceptable for Catherine Tate to make a career caricaturing the working classes.Poor is out. Liberal is out. Equality is old hat. Ironic sexism and “don't criticise me look at the stats” racism is back in.Such is New Labour, such is the Guardian. We've got the Government the Guardian deserves.

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