Finally have internet in my house…

It was a hell of a lot harder than you’d think to get a short-term contract with dongle + hub for my flat. But I’ve done it. Mainly with the help of the great team at Cancom in Brighton, which is where I seemed to spend most my lunchtime this week (trying to resist looking at all the shiny new models). T-Mobile people and online search results not so helpful, so I’ll tag this post with all the problems I was having and if you stumble upon this, whilst having similar problems, do drop me an email and I’ll try explain how I got a T-Mobile dongle to finally work with my MacBook OS X (now updated to 10.5.6). Originally, it simply crashed despite uploading various software and re-installing again, and again. Rob at Cancom also figured out that the reason I get weird alphabet characters after intensive typing and a strange start-up screen is because the alt and shift keys get stuck down (‘It’s usually a crumb’ – digestives are particular culprits, apparently). So I’m sitting on my sofa, using wireless internet, from a dongled-up hub. This is a surprisingly big deal. Now just to get that T-Mobile dongle working with my work laptop…  I tell you, Gordon, universal broadband access could be pretty tricky, especially for those who don’t have phone-lines or want to sign up to lengthy contracts.


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