Will the multimedia newsrooms of the future be differentiated as ‘broadcasters’ and ‘what-were newspapers’?

If we suppose that newsrooms will continue to exist (perhaps some crowd-funded, perhaps some foundation or charity-supported, perhaps some run as a hobby while we farm the barren, carbon-ruined land by night) will they be split as broadcasters and news publications? Or will everything be a newsroom publishing its content online, with no divides?

Martin Belam’s comments have been playing on my mind. He told me (in regards to the UK media scene): 

“In a converged media landscape, it seems odd that Robert Peston’s blog is regulated by the BBC Trust, Jon Snow’s blog is regulated by Ofcom, and Roy Greenslade’s blog is regulated by the PCC.

“At the moment, I believe that the system works very well for editors, and very well for the ‘great and the good’ who can afford lawyers, but does absolutely nothing for newspaper consumers. If I see something that offends me on TV, I can complain to Ofcom. If I see an advert that offends me in the street, I can complain to ASA. If I see an article in a newspaper that I think is wrong, inaccurate, in bad taste or offensive, unless I am directly involved in the story myself, the PCC dismisses my complaint out of hand without investigating it.

“I don’t think that position is sustainable.”

Q&A with an information architect aka @currybet aka Martin Belam | Journalism.co.uk Editors Blog.

And now this video, from the Newseum which looks at multimedia newsrooms of the future, and the crisis point of newspapers. 

What will be the difference between:

  • news agencies
  • news broadcasters
  • what-were newspaper publications 
  • always online-only publications

or will they be regulated and produced one and the same?


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