It isn’t really equal is it? The louder male voice in journalism

I try and resist going on about this subject because I’m a little scared of getting branded as the One Who Goes On About Feminism All The Bloody Time, but given that Sunday was International Women’s Day and UNESCO is calling for the experiences of women journalists, here are my brief daily observations about women in the media. I don’t necessarily think they’re factors that all need to be ‘righted’ but they’re just things I notice. Of course, there are exceptions to these general trends you could name. There are some extremely successful women in media but they stand out for that, I always think. 

  • There are are far fewer high-profile female bloggers or Twitterers 
  • Female television journalists tend to be a darn sight (conventionally) better looking than their male counterparts 
  • The majority of letters on the newspaper letter pages are written by men (this one really baffles me – why?)
  • The majority of newspaper obituaries, and often, newspaper birthday notices, are for men 
  • Media conferences are dominated by male participants and speakers 
  • Newspaper editorial teams are more often led by men, than not
I think it would be useful to collect some numbers or stats to support these everyday observations, but it always gets pushed down the To Do list. Sometimes it seems like… it just is… and there are more important things to look into.   

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