‘You Never Know Who’s Listening!’ – another take on the NUJ ‘effing blogs’ row

Wowee, 50 – many lengthy – comments on a blog post that was only around 150 words to begin with… 

I’m talking about the debate raging on Adam Tinworth’s blog about the origin of some incoming traffic. It seems that an NUJ email account holder had arrived at a post on his blog as the result of following a link within an email with the subject title ‘effing blogs’. 

Now, the main points of that debate of that aside (check out the original post and Kevin Anderson on the MG’s OrganGrinder blog for that), I, for one, was surprised that kind of detail would be spotted by blog or site hosts as I don’t normally check analytics that carefully. 


It means that if you send on links with an opinion expressed in the email subject line you could be entering into a dispute, or risk offending someone, without even realising said person was privy to that information. 

So… remember you could be being watched / listened to when you forward on those funny links with what you consider to be a witty and scathing email title, in an off-the-record context… It isn’t always as private as you think it is.

It reminds me of the way Guido can oh-so easily and satisfyingly catch out all the journalists who pretend not to be reading him. (I don’t want to admit how long it took me to find that link – though Guido will, of course, be able to see the endless variations on ‘journalists newspaper site traffic’  entered on his search engine.)


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