A question for ‘A Broadsheet Newspaper’: What ‘A Sunday Newspaper’ would that be?

From Liz Hunt in the Telegraph, ‘The MMR scandal is back‘: “The second factor is claims by a Sunday newspaper that the doctor at the heart of this controversy, Andrew Wakefield, manipulated the data in the study to show a causal relationship between administration of MMR and the onset of symptoms.”

What ‘a Sunday newspaper’ would that be? Why so scared to utter its name…? I find the MSM reluctance to mention that rivals exist so bizarre…Or is there another reason? And why, oh why, no link? I’d like to be linked back to the claims mentioned… I’m guessing it’s this: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/health/article5683671.ece


One comment

  1. Charlie Beckett

    We are/were just as silly about this in telly. 50% of stories came from papers but we would either not mention this or say “as reported in a newspaper today”. Not only is it unhelpful to the viewer but it also hides a relevant fact. If I know that it is the Sun or Mirror that has broken a story then I can take into account their known editorial perspectives. It is one of those customs that looks so outdated now.

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