Twitter @theBaftas; #salad gets a mention

I was just settling down with my tea in front of the Baftas, when I realised it could be quite fun (fast descending into undeniable geekdom) to follow with Twitter (via @jtownend). Turns out not many any bona fide film critics are on Twitter: maybe the London Evening Standard’s @nickcurtis put them off (back story here, on the Ed’s blog). 

Anyway we had a bit of competition between #baftas and #BAFTA as hashtags with the occasional #SALAD popping up. @wossy had promised to get a salad reference in, on his wife’s suggestion. Pretty tough… 

Anyway the very tenuous #salad reference didn’t seem to go down too well with the audience but it got the Twitterati excited.

@abigiggles1 reported: “Yep it happened, apparently he said ‘acting is like #salad, gets better with a good dressing’. Bless. No doubt it’ll make the news”.

Over at Guardian (remote) HQ, Jack Schofield, after cursing the Grauniad’s slow remote system, blogged about the whole salad thing. That’s probably about as much space as it needs.

Other #bafta Tweeters included @adamwestbrook and @louisehector (good point about Pryce’s scarf) and @breakingnewson got in pretty quick with final results. The Guardian LiveBlog was pretty good but a bit annoying to have to refresh to see comments – much better to Tweet.

Breaking ‘news’ lessons learnt: hashtags annoying (need to refresh); Twitterfall great and speedy plus picks up non-tagged Tweets. Right off to bed and up early for sensible work tomorrow.


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