Polly Vernon strikes a chord with Mad Men preview

Sometimes I’m with Observer Woman’s Polly Vernon, sometimes I’m not (though credit to her for making her living writing about not shaving your legs for three and half weeks* / how many cups of coffee she drinks a day / why she likes being thin – on more than one occasion**) but I’m definitely nodding along today – I’m as excited as she is by the new series of Mad Men. Not sure I’ll be trying to recreate the ‘swoony’ Joan look like Polly says she is in today’s Observer (sorry can’t link – Observer TV content doesn’t seem to  be online wouldya believe it? Though maybe it is tucked away somewhere?) but like Polly, ‘it’s been ages since I yearned for a programme this much’. c.a.n.n.o.t wait! TUESDAY FEBRUARY 10, BBC 4, 10PM.

* though apparently this ‘I let my body hair grow’ approach got Guardian reporter Helen Pidd her first Guardian job. Really.  

** searching for these links reveals that Polly Vernon has riled many a blogger and forum writer in her time.


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