Housewarming: I’m all moved in to my new self-hosted house

Just a quick note on the new domain and blog home.

While I quite liked my old theme it was extremely limiting (and it disturbed me that a Tory blogger had the exact same one… it was like bumping into Ann Widdecombe and realising you’ve got the same outfit on*) and didn’t let me try out any plug-ins or anything interesting really.

Since this blog is more a playground than any attempt at a polished product content-wise (I think if the content is good enough the blog design and flexibility is pretty by-the-by: loads of great bloggers have really ugly Blogspot blogs) – somewhere I can collate my web bits and pieces – it seemed like I should definitely move over to the WordPress self-hosted option. So here I am. Welcome to

@petermoore generously said he thinks the site ‘is a few shuffles from looking quite sharp.’

@petermoore is too kind. It’s far from sharp. But I have had a play and it’s nice to know that things I thought would be quite complicated are pretty easy. Mapping the domain so that re-directs here took 5 mins, not the threatened 72 hours (and cost $10).

Other things to look at if you’re so inclined:

a Flickr page

– my Dipity timelines embedded on a page


– Disqus installed for comments

The next project will be to make a neat tidy page as a rolling portfolio, that automatically updates from my feeds. For now, I’m turning the computer off and getting back to my book (Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami). 

So sorry to be a party pooper but that’s the housewarming over – cheers for stopping by.

*It was also used by StuffJournalistsLike for a time (they’ve changed now) – that felt like meeting Eddie Izzard and cracking a joke…



  1. Jenni

    Oooh! It's like your own online newspaper. Love the look! About passing on the award, all I did was save the image and then add it to my sidebar and, of course, in the post as well. Then, you can keep the ball rolling, as it were, by “passing” it to 5 other fabulous blogs, just like I did to you:)I got the cranberry green tea at Trader Joe's. It's a small grocery chain that started in California but seems to have spread in recent years throughout most of the US. What's good about them is they sell lots of wonderful organic products while keeping prices low-to-reasonable. What's not so great is they tend to rotate out their products quite a bit. So, once you hit on a favorite, you can almost count on its eventually being gone one day when you really want that particular thing. Murphy's Law, and all that! You can find them on the web at Looking forward to the hundreds-of-food-miles posts abt Dubai and Brussels:) Keep it up, Thelma. And give my best to Louise:D

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