Comic insurance: how Jonathan Ross gets to keep his job

I’m interested in what’s going on with Ross, Brand et al, in so much as it’s always interesting to observe a media circus, although I always feel myself a bit worried when you get large-scale near hysteria like this… and like Stephen Fry, I think it’s troubling if you find yourself agreeing with the Daily Mail…

I don’t know how the tabloids don’t see the can bear the irony in what they report, take today’s Sun for example. 

Speaking to Charlie Beckett today was interesting: he pointed out that teenagers were missing in the coverage – many support Brand and Ross right now. Certainly Brand’s Facebook fans don’t seem to be diminishing.

And Martin Moore cross-posted for us asking what would have happened if it was newspaper journalists caught up in the row, which has provoked some good comment. 

It’s clear to see why Ross is likely to be staying (it’s still a 12 week unpaid suspension right now) – if they let him go he’ll have a year or so while it dies down then he’ll be poached by another channel… 

Think Richard Bacon and Blue Peter. He has a nice job now… at the BBC. Think Shilpa Shetty debacle. Not only are Andy Duncan and those below him still in a job, but even Jade Goody has public sympathy once again, and I don’t think that’s just because of the cancer. Not quite on the same scale, but Andrea Turner lived the ‘flake-gate’ embarrassment and now tells us how to keep our houses clean. For heaven’s sake, Mandelson is back in Cabinet. In fact, just think the Hamiltons

People like to scream and post angry comments and then it all calms down and people earn money again. 

It brings to mind a little episode in Mark Frith’s book about his years in Heat. Reading about his mishandling of the Harvey / Jordan sticker saga makes you think he’s got it a bit out of proportion – can he really liken it to Piers Morgan’s scandal? (Another one who still gets work). In fact, it was big at the time… But who remembers all the details now? He can take the blame for it without fear.

Interestingly, as I googled for the names and their ‘scandals’ to insert links above, their names – on the whole – didn’t even bring up relevant results for this post. Even Google allows a bit of forgive and forget.

So, that’s why the BBC ain’t giving up Ross just yet. They just might not get him back.

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  1. Charlie Beckett

    I think you are on to something and it’s called moral panics. It might not be entirely a bad thing. It is a bit like a news cycle. We pay attention to something, we thrash around a bit. We all have a good debate and a few people get bruised. Then we move on. It’s not perfect, but it is a kind of argument, discussion and learning process. The fact that no-one (usually) dies is good.
    The fact that The Mail galvanised this particular debate doesn’t mean it’s not a real issue. The fact that it is celebrities who are under scrutiny and who may lose a few grand is a pleasant relief from real people getting it in the neck.

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