Twitter politics – why on earth does it matter?

People use Twitter in very different ways and does it really matter? Charles Arthur discusses Twitterquette and how he’s binned many of the people he’s following. Use it for links and relevant information people, seems to be his message. Comments below don’t agree. I don’t think it really matters: use it in a way that works for you – whether that be for work or whatever so follow or don’t follow as you like. Not everyone’s using it for work purposes after all and you don’t really know these people… But I must say the idea of Qwitter sounds awful. Who has time or inclination?! Maybe useful if you were using it for PR or marketing purposes… 

Meanwhile my parents were very impressed that @stephenfry is following me… I had to break it to them that it doesn’t mean anything. He’s not coming round for tea quite yet. But if he does, I’ll know that he’d rather not have rhino ear notch with his cuppa. Meanwhile, I got very excited that one of their friends featured on this week’s Popbitch in names of the month (this link is currently the wrong issue as it’s not updated yet). How good is that? (It wasn’t me that sent it in.) Now that’s exciting.


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