Daily round-up: Conference blogging, bad bagel choice and geo-tags

Lots of AOP conference catching up to do today: needed to sum up on the blog, and other bits – there’s a new co-chair for the AOP and I wanted to write a bit on Clay Shirky’s rather dynamic speech. One speaker for whom we had to respect Chatham House rules, but he was so loud I think you’d have heard him a few streets away anyway. A stodgy, rashly chosen bagel for lunch which left me feeling a bit sluggish all afternoon but no matter: it was onto the UK launch for outside.in, which I think could prove to be a very interesting project if it takes off here.

Managed to miss tonight’s The Restaurant (and last night’s too) which I’m deeply sorrowful for. But I hear the Welsh Wok are still in and Chris and Caroline are out (I never liked the idea of Ray Whites anyway – although Raymond Blanc’s expression when they told him in the first episode was magic) … I’m having a technologically doomed week so I’m waiting till the weekend to open my new camera in case the curse still hangs over me.


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