iPhoto well and truly kaput but a bit of Widdecombe news to cheer me up

So, I thought it was about time to try and back up my files and set about sorting out photos, first clearing out all the mountains of junk. Then today, I opened iPhoto and I don’t know if I ignored a warning message, or what, but suddenly everything had disappeared. It’s a very scary moment, sitting and looking at your iPhoto showing ‘0 items’.

Anyway, I think (fingers, toes, eyebrows crossed) that I’ve located all the files, and backing up as we speak. A whole load of gobbledy-gook files have appeared in my trash so I’m backing them up for good measure too. I wonder if this all relates to my over-full start-up disc (a pop up message has warned me about it with double exclamation marks – it must be bad). Time to do something about it all, I think.

Anyway, I’m back in Kent for the weekend so I had the joys of my parents’ newspaper pile to distract me. The Kent Messenger was out yesterday. To follow up on Ann and add to my Widdy archive, I found a delightful item on page 8: ‘Never a Trace of Ann’s Flying Teapot.’ I can’t link to it because very little is on Kent Online, the KM’s website. The writer also has fond memories of Ann’s election transportation (and there was I, thinking it was all a weird dream of mine…)

“Robert Barnes, former chairman of Maidstone and the Weald Conservative Association, recalled that during General Elections she [Ann] used to campaign in her open-topped “Widdymobile” which enabled her to stand up and shout through a loud hailer urging passers by to vote for her…

… the “Widdymobile” used to be decorated with blue balloons to add visual impact to the audio effect. On one occasion, when the star performer was not on board the “Widdymobile” he [Mr Barnes] drove it to Marden at normal speed- having first taken the precaution of tying the balloons to a teapot to make sure they didn’t blow away.

Sadly, his plot failed. When he arrived at Marden there was no sign of either balloons or teapot. Miss Widdecombe instantly posted a message on her website appealing for information but they were never seen nor heard of again.”

The writer appeals for any witnesses to come forward if they remember “a bunch of balloons floating above Kent attached to a teapot.” How brilliant is that! If Victoria Wood had heard that story, she could have had Santa Widders floating off on a balloon from the Widdymobile during the Xmas special song…

I’m a bit of out media news loop as was out the office Friday, but have been observing ‘pot-kettle-black’ comments over at Greenslade re. Telegraph allegations. Lots of catching up to do Monday: the twittered presidential debate, and need to follow-up on various conferences. In the meantime… back to backing-up.

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