The official beginning of the blog: with a Wispa

My mother always said I was an advertisers’ dream: I fall into every damn trap the clever people construct. Now, the Wispa. It never really went. Ok, my research here is mainly based on Wikipedia, but it seems (and I’m sure the Wispa fans would have been quick to amend the entry if it’s wrong) that it was discontinued in 2003. And re-branded (so existed partially) as the Dairy Milk Bubbly after that, before a brief period back as the Wispa in 2007. Now it really is back (if it can really be said that it ever went) more permanently this time – following immense public pressure.

So, I see a pic of the bar itself on Guardian’s Media Monkey and tweet that I’m feeling like eating one, but that maybe it’s misplaced nostalgia. Then the moment passes and I get back on with my work. And I forget about it. Then, today – a day later – I’m in the newsagents with the intention of buying something else entirely and I spy it! In its chirpy packaging telling me ‘buy me! buy me!’ So I did. And ate it this evening. But first I introduced it to the 21st century:

As I said, I’m an advertisers’ dream. By the way… did you hear that Walls have brought back the jokes on ice lolly sticks. That pleased me immensely.  Mmmm… the white Mini Milks… Feasts…


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