It’s 23.41. I’m tweaking my blog. Does this qualify me as a geek?

I feel that I’m just a bit of a saddo: it’s nearly midnight, I’m listening to Radio 4 and finally feeling just about happy for people to come and visit me here at my new journalistic blog. Time to start linking … that’s the modern day blog equivalent of 19th century courting and seductively fanning one’s fan, me thinks. It’s like my society coming-out. 

I very much welcome criticism and hope you’ll bear with me as I get to grips with all the tools available. I’m a bit disappointed I can’t get badges to work on here (I just wrote that ‘hear’ – I must be tired.)

Anyway, Patrick Thornton was pointing out the pros of WordPress today but that was org, not com. Maybe I’ll make that transition eventually. For now, com will do me just fine. Patrick promises that he’ll write about the differences between hosted blogs like and TypePad next week. 

In the meantime, I’m going to add some of my faves to my blogroll and then go to bed. That early morning swim might not be happening…


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